Who is Ethereum Killer? Solana or XDC?

Cryptocurrency has been in the news for the past year for a plethora of reasons — and one of the most important is its environmental impact. From investors and experts to world governments, cryptocurrency has been in the spotlight.

Crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum, especially, are under scrutiny for…

Multi-signature wallets are gaining momentum in the realm of cryptocurrency transactions. Before learning more about why users should prefer Yodaplus multi-sig wallets and their benefits and drawbacks, let us start our inquiry with the simple question: What is a Yodaplus Multi-Signature wallet?

What is a Yodaplus Multi-signature wallet?

Whenever a user transfers XDC from their wallet…

BTC, ETH, XRP, XDC role in climate change- in detail

Coin Price & Market Capital, as per CoinMarketCap on April 21, 2021.

The last decade has been riveting for the financial world due to the onset of many new investment instruments — one of them being cryptocurrency. While the world tries to encash on every big investment opportunity presented by cryptocurrency, many risks and negative impacts have been downplayed to a dangerous…

Due to the increasing concern and criticism, developers have tried to, and have been successful in developing Green coins.

While thinking about cryptocurrency, the first thing that comes to our mind is paperless money. Although generally viewed as a virtual concept it is, ironically, often supported by bulky hardware that consumes insane amounts of energy. Numerous reports have studied the effects of crypto-mining on the environment and all of…

The swapping is presently supported only by the AlphaEx Exchange.

XinFin stands for ‘eXchange InFinitive’ and is the first-of-its-kind, hybrid blockchain network with Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (XDPoS). The XinFin Digital Contract or XDC is the network’s utility token, offering a range of use-cases including payments settlements.

Built with enterprise-grade scalability, security, and seamlessness in mind, the XDC network


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