All You Need to Know is About the Yodaplus Multisig Wallets and How to use the Multisig wallet.

What is a Yodaplus Multi-signature wallet?

  • For example, if someone uses a 3–3 type of multi-signature wallet, the wallet is shared by three users and requires three signatures to authorize any transaction.
  • On the other hand, a 2–3 type multi-signature wallet implies that it is shared by three people and requires two signatures to authorize a transaction.

How does a multi-signature Yodaplus wallet work?

  • For example, if co-owner A wants to transfer funds in a Yoda plus multi-signature wallet of the 2–2 variety, the wallet creates a transaction that first gets signed by co-owner A.
  • Until the other co-owner marks the same transaction, the fund does not move from the wallet. Once co-owner B signs the transaction, the wallet broadcasts it to the XinFin network and transfers the XDC tokens.

The Advantages Of a Yodaplus Multi-Signature Wallet

The Disadvantages of a Yodaplus Multisig Wallet

Step by Step guide on How to Create Yodaplus Multi-Sig Safe Corporate Wallet to Manage your XDC tokens

  1. Open the Yodaplus Multi-Sig Safe wallet web application





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