Blockchain Comparison: Ethereum vs. Tron vs. XinFin

Ethereum vs. Tron vs. XinFin

Soul of a Blockchain

A blockchain is majorly defined and differentiated from other blockchains on the basis of the consensus mechanism it uses. Consensus mechanisms are protocols that ensure that all the nodes in a blockchain get an equal say while validating a transaction before it is added to the blockchain.

The Faster the Better

Consensus mechanism directly correlates to the transaction speed and the block creation rate. The PoW consensus mechanism as we discussed comes with a bunch of inefficiencies. This limits how fast the transactions can be processed on a blockchain that functions over the PoW protocol. Ethereum is an example of it. It has a maximum transaction rate of 15 transactions per second while bearing an average block creation time of 15s.

Is Old Really Gold?

The second most widely recognized and used blockchain is Ethereum. Launched in 2015, it was a revolution in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For the first time, the world saw the use of smart contracts over a blockchain.

Coin Price and Market Capitalization:

ETH: $238.39

Parting Words

We’re only 10 years into the blockchain revolution, and it already seems we have had commendable progress and growth. And we still believe that it’s only the initiation. Much has yet to come.



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