Ethereum vs. XinFin: Which Smart Contract Blockchain Would You Prefer After Reading This Article?


A decade back, when blockchain was first brought to existence from the theories, scalability wasn’t a big issue given the small number of participants who used blockchain for transaction settlement.

Gas Price

Gas is the unit of the amount that is charged by a blockchain network to execute a smart contract, and thus, settle a transaction. Charging gas price ensures that the network only processes those transactions that are valuable and have some benefit, rather than uselessly wasting computational power on those that don’t bear any result. In simple words, miners can choose to reject computing those transactions that pay less than the minimum specified gas limit.

Ethereum VS XinFin at constant Gas Price 21000

Block Creation

Coming to network stats, Ethereum has long been outrun by other competitors. On average, a new block on the Ethereum network is created every 14 to 16 seconds.

Block Creation time at Ethereum. Source link
Block Creation time at XinFin-Testnet. Source link


Undoubtedly, Ethereum blockchain brought about the revolution. But, XinFin took the idea to make it more compatible. It targeted the pain points of both individuals and entities who wanted a public blockchain and of those that demanded a private one. This led to the creation of a hybrid blockchain that is suited for all.

Come, Build with XinFin

If you have an idea of a dAPP that you think can scale and reach to a wide audience, XinFin is the perfect place you can start. With the combined power of private and public blockchain, DPoS, and smart contracts, XinFin delivers you a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way of building your dApp ideas into reality. Join the force of many other innovators who are creating dAPPs on XinFin and play a part in building the tomorrow that we can be proud of. Click here.



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