Finding the right network: XinFin vs Ripplenet

Comparison chart of Ripple vs XinFin
  • Provides decentralized, hybrid, interoperable and liquid network with delegated Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (DPoS), Hybrid Relay Bridges, Instant Block Finality and Interoperable ISO20022 informing standard, making the XinFin network a perfect base for developing DAPPs
  • Higher interoperability with existing frameworks makes XinFin Protocol (XDC) compatible with all other financial applications
  • Using DPoS makes the validity of transactions more agreeable by turning it into a vote based method which removes the agreement issues and creates a dependency on stakes of node owners
  • The network provides a capability to host independent private network on a public network and communicate using ISO 20022 compatible messaging
  • The XinFin Blockchain has a vast ecosystem with wallet, trade, financing application that leverage cross chain interoperability
  • XDC, their digitally powered token can be used as s stake or a digital asset in the smart contracts.
  • APIs to access various features for the developers are provided along with some standardized dApps to save the development time facilitated with programming interface for use case access
  • Sending KYC agreeable masternodes upon the XDC Protocol makes XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain the most confided in organize for institutional appropriation.
  • Unlike other networks, it mandates uploading KYC documents making it more secure and inline with the government regulations.
  • Direct record to-account settlement with no focal administrator thus decentralized worldwide market
  • Exchanges are cryptographically marked increasing the security levels
  • Ability to process the world’s cross-fringe installments volume
  • Easy access to liquidity through the commercial center or digital asset such as the XDC token

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