How Can You Earn Free XDC Coins?

There are some simple ways which you can use to earn free XDC coins.

4 min readApr 4, 2020


Earn Free XDC Coins

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be mined by setting up mining infrastructure. But XDC is a green coin. It is mining-free and thus saves energy. There are still many ways to get free XDC coins.

So, here are some possible ways to earn free XDC.

Download the XDC Wallet and store private key at a safe place:

This first step to earning free XDC is to download the XDC mobile wallet to send/receive XDC coins. Through this easy-to-use wallet, you can also store and manage other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, USDC and XDC testnet coins. While using the XDC wallet, users must store their private keys in a safe place since it’s a decentralized wallet and does not store any private keys. They must keep the key in a safe place as it is mandatory to have a private key to access the wallet.

How to earn free XDC?

1. AlphaEx Referral Program

AlphaEx Referral Program

AlphaEx exchange rewards its user with free XDC for referring the platform to friends and community. You can share your referral code on social channels or send it as a message to your friends and family. Once your referee signs up, completes the KYC procedure, and performs their first trade, both you and your friend get rewards worth 2500 XDC & 5000 XDC respectively.

2. Get free XDC coin as Bounty Rewards:

Since XDC is run by our community members, you can also earn incentives for your contributions in the form of XDC Adoptions, network enhancement, bug testing, etc. From time to time, XinFin introduces various bounty programs too. Community contributors can apply for these bounty programs to earn XDC coins. The details on bounties and the steps to register and earn the rewards can be found on their website at

3. Blockdegree Certification For Free.

Blockdegree Online Certification is an online certification platform to learn and get a certification which gets registered on a blockchain-powered by XDC protocol. Here you can learn various courses for free and can pay $10 worth of XDC to get the certification for the same.

Blockdegree gives students the opportunity to get free certifications using the promo codes provided to colleges if their colleges collaborate with Blockdegree.

Additionally, according to source Blockdegree is also about to introduce a new feature called Fund my Degree, where students can create an account on Blockdegree and ask for fundings for their degree through social channels. Funders can transfer XDC to the student’s XDC wallet created by Blockdegree.

How to Earn XDC rewards with XDC holding?

If you already own XDC coins and would like to earn more XDC coins, you can do so by staking XDC as a network member (Masternode). As a Masternode, you can earn XDC rewards on the network.

What exactly is staking?

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Essentially, it consists of locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards. For Example, a person can stalk 10 million XDC stored in his wallet and runs a masternode with the one-click installer. The total cost for hosting a masternode depends on the market price of 10 million XDC and cost to host a masternode on the server.

Steps to earn rewards by becoming a Network Participant ( masternode )

1. Buy 10 million XDC from the open market.

Here is the list of various exchanges you can get XDC from. exchange also has an OTC desk to get bulk XDC Coin.

2. Stake your coins and run a masternode with the one-click installer:

TradeFinex made a very simple page for entire masternode setup (Step1 and Step2) process:

3. Earn free XDC rewards daily.

I had purchased 10 million XDC to set up a masternode and now I am earning rewards daily. The number depends upon the number of network participants and number of transactions happening on the XinFin Blockchain Network.

Happy Earning!