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List of latest XRC20 tokens built on XDC network

5 min readMar 2, 2022


XDC Network is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. XDC Network is EVM compatible, consumes low energy with 2000+ TPS, and takes less than 10 minutes to deploy tokens leading the ecosystem to grow rapidly in recent days. Recently, there are multiple XRC20 tokens being deployed on the XDC Network.

What is XRC20?

The XRC-20 standard defines a set of functions to be implemented by all XRC-20 tokens to allow integration with other contracts, wallets, or marketplaces providing the advantage of XDC Network such as 2000 TPS, 2 seconds transaction time, and near-zero gas fees for all the tokens deployed on XDC Network.

  • XSwap Protocol (XSP)
  • Prime Numbers (PRNT)
  • Law Blocks (LBT)
  • Plugin (PLI)
  • Globiance Exchange Token (GBEX)
  • Globiance Euro Stablecoin (EURG)
  • Globiance USD Stablecoin (USDG)
  • WadzPay Token (WTK)

You can store all the XDC Network-based tokens to XDC Web wallet, XDCPay plugin, XDC (Android) Wallet, Dcent wallet and Guarda Wallet.

1. XSwap Protocol

XSwap is a fully decentralized open-source exchange for XRC20 tokens and is built on the XDC Network. It allows all customers to Swap & Earn inside secured pools. XSwap Protocol the 1st AMM on XDC Network

XSP is XSwap’s native cryptocurrency that is used throughout the blockchain with the following utility

  • Payments
  • Farming
  • Voting
  • Staking

XSP Smart Contract Address: xdc36726235dadbdb4658d33e62a249dca7c4b2bc68

You can find the XSP on:

2. Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers is a DAO that sells NFTs to generate scholarships for students.

However, it is much more than that. Ecosystems based on NFTs are coming online at an astonishing rate, Prime Numbers however is also incorporating a game where their NFTs have a purpose.

NFT examples that have been shared with the community are a preview of what players’ characters will be in the game.

On top of this, the NFTs will also generate royalty rewards and can be leveled up to increase the rewards.

PRNT Smart Contract Address: xdc0E11710AAd67E7427CfbC12c353284C2e335F62c

You can find the PRNT on:

3. Law Blocks

Law Blocks is a one-window blockchain-based ecosystem for creating, keeping records of contracts, solving disputes providing unbiased, swift & affordable resolutions through arbitration.

LBT Smart Contract Address : xdc05940b2df33d6371201e7ae099ced4c363855dfe

You can find the LBT on:

  • Currently, it’s not available on any exchange or wallet.

4. Plugin

Secure, Scalable Blockchain Agnostic Decentralized Oracle Platform, provides cost-effective solutions to any smart contract which runs on Xinfin Eco System.

The Plugin enables the smart contract to connect with the real-time world and the data that it receives from the data feed provider is trustable by maintaining a high degree of security. Off-chain computation it does takes care of receiving a feed from multiple providers and aggregates the same.

PLI Smart Contract Address: xdcff7412ea7c8445c46a8254dfb557ac1e48094391

You can find the PLI on:


NOTA is built on top of blockchain technology, a digital ledger that makes it easy to track, manage, store and grow your digital assets.

NOTA is 100% backed by fully reserved assets, constantly proofed, and audited monthly. It is always redeemable for the US dollar on a 1:1 basis.

NOTA Smart Contract Address: xdcd04275e2fd2875beaade6a80b39a75d4fe267df6

You can find the NOTA on:


StorX is Distributed Cloud Storage Powered by XinFin Blockchain Network

The StorX mainnet is here and SRX is an XRC-20 utility token that powers StorX data storage Marketplace. Setup Node and earn SRX and Store Data and pay using SRX token.

StorX helps you securely encrypt, fragment and then distribute important data across multiple hosting nodes spread worldwide. StorX provides a democratic marketplace for hosting data, replacing the centralized intermediaries with a decentralized blockchain network.

You can host a node & earn SRX or Pay SRX and Store Data over Distributed Cloud Storage.

SRX Smart Contract Address: xdc5d5f074837f5d4618b3916ba74de1bf9662a3fed

You can find the SRX on:


Ecoin combines the power of ‘Social Mining’ and ‘Stable-coin banking’ and aims to be the biggset crypto ecosystem ever

‘Social mining’ is a new revolutionary way of minting cryptocurrency which replaces expensive hardware mining through ‘sybil proof’ Human activities

Social Mining has proven to be vastly more effective at attracting millions into cryptocurrency which helped ecoin acquire over 1.5 Million verified users.

ECOIN Smart Contract Address: xdc536dd70445cea1e97f9bf1bada04cbda5199a2a1

You can find the ECOIN on:

8. Globiance Exchange Token (GBEX)

Globiance is a financial services group consisting of cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions situated in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Singapore, and more opening shortly.

GBEX is the house token of Globiance and is used on the daily basis on all Globiance Platforms worldwide.

GBEX is a Utility Token that is used for paying fees on the Globiance exchange platforms and crypto processing gateway worldwide. By paying with GBEX tokens users benefit from discounts on fees. The more users Globiance has, the more GBEX will be used on daily basis, growing the trading volume organically.

GBEX Smart Contract Address: xdc34514748f86a8da01ef082306b6d6e738f777f5a

Globiance Stable Coins and DEX LP token

  1. Globiance USD Stablecoin (USDG)

Smart Contract Address: xdc9c1eb1ea34e70ac05b5ee5515212e9ec201cfc5d

2. Globiance Euro Stablecoin (EURG)

Smart Contract Address:


3. GlobianceDEX LP Token (GDEX-LP)

You can find the GBEX, USDG, EURG on:

9. WadzPay Token (WTK)

WadzPay Token (WTK) is a utility token which allows its custodians to make transactions at E-Commerce or Retail merchants using the WadzPay payment platform.

WTK Smart Contract Address: xdcb3f18b584263191a33169f6393487e43e9586329

You can find the WTK on:

The tokens deployment on XDC Network is growing gradually with the multiple benefits of the network and strong support of the community.

Looking out to deploy your XRC20 token on XDC Network check the article How to Create an XRC-20 Token the Simple Way or you can try services such as Mywish else use Origin for token creation without writing a single line code.