How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency in 2 minutes for Free without coding.

Create your own token on XDC Network with Origin Platform

5 min readMay 16, 2022


The tech that is accessible to the common users has the future. Today, we are introducing one such platform that creates tokens on the XDC Network with just a few clicks and does not require any coding knowledge.

Origin is a Smart Contract Tokenization platform that enables brands and organizations to seamlessly create fixed income instruments without the need for code.

Smart contract on any blockchain automates the executions based on certain predetermined rules besides acting as the backend for the decentralized applications. With XDC smart contract, The XDPoS network allows you to create a tradable token used as a currency without doing any code.

What does an XRC20 token encompass?

The XDC Network is built to address the issues that hamper first- and second-generation blockchains, such as limited throughput, high transaction costs, and a complex development process.

The platform’s robust smart contracts assure a two-second transaction confirmation time and a TPS of 2000+. This network’s capability is far greater than that of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For creating a token on the Origin platform you need to connect your XDCPay wallet with Origin. XDCPay is a browser extension. With XDCPay, you can interact with dApps and smart contracts without having to install any software or blockchain. You must install the XDCPay Chrome Extension, establish a wallet, then send XDC. You must have some XDC tokens in your XDCPay wallet before creating smart contracts.

If you want to test XRC20 token generation, connect your wallet to the Apothem network.

Let me show you how easy it is to create and Deploy the XRC20 Token using Origin:

Step 1: First, connect your Wallet (XDCPay).

After connecting to your XDCPay Wallet, you’ll see the XDCPay Wallet’s Account Address and Balance.

Step 2: Start creating your token by clicking on the “XRC20 Token” from the menu or simply clicking on the “Create XRC20” button

Step 3: Enter the basic information about the token that you are building. Here I have selected the XDC Apothem Network (Testnet) for demo purposes, you can use the mainnet simply by changing the network.

Step 4: Enter Initial Supply and click on the “Continue” button.
Just For Your Knowledge: Initial Token Supply is the number of tokens in circulation when tokens start to be traded on the secondary market.

Step 5: Choose the additional features you’d like to see in your token’s smart contract and click on the Deploy button. If you want to save it as a draft then click on the Save Draft button.

  • Pausable

This specifies whether your token and all associated operations can be halted and resumed whenever needed.

  • Burnable

This specifies whether your tokens can be burned to decrease the supply.

  • Mintable

This specifies whether more tokens can be created to increase the initial supply.

Step 6: Once you clicked on the Deploy button, you need to confirm the transaction for the deployment.

Step 7: You will be notified of the Transaction details after the successful deployment.

Step 8: If you want to add this token to XDCPay then click on the “Add to XDCPay” button.

After clicking on the “Add to XDCPay” button, the XDCPay screen will pop up with the details of the Token, Click on Add button to add it to XDCPay.

Added token to XDCPay looks like this:

Step 9: To check the Deployed Token, click on the “Manage Deployed Tokens” tab from the menu bar.

Click on the “Manage” button to view the deployed token in detail.

Token Details:

Step 10: By clicking on the THREE dots, you will see multiple options.

  • You can view your deployed contract on XinFin explorer by a click on the View on Explorer.
  • You can Add the deployed token by clicking on the Add to XDCPay.
  • You can Edit your Contract profile by clicking on Edit Contract Profile.
  • You can download your Contract’s “.Sol” file by clicking on the Download .Sol File.

It is always recommended to store your tokens in a hardware wallet or any other offline wallet to avoid any misadventure of your tokens in the future.

Comment down your feedback and questions in the comment box and share this article with your friends to help them create their own tokens on the XDC Network.