XDC vs ADA | Who leads where?

Coin Price, as per CoinMarketCap on April 21, 2021.

Transaction Fees

The real catch is the extremely low transaction fees for XDC which is almost 0.00001% of Cardano’s $0.34 per transaction. This is because XinFin’s XDC operates on a hybrid model of blockchain network and all the 37.6 Billion coin supply is pre-mined which ensures the sustainability and eco-friendly effect on the environment.


With an army of innovative developers, XDC has managed to bring up the transaction speed to 2000 TPS as compared to 257 TPS for Cardano’s ADA at a much reduced price of $0.085.

KYC Compliance, Dapps and Smart Contract Support

As the market is currently growing and XinFin is ready to bring in some interesting DAPPs and network functionalities along with multiple business integrations like Custodian solution for Institutional fintech market — the future valuation seems extremely lucrative for the company as the coin has a large scope to grow and outdo it’s competitors.

Let’s come to the point..

Hence, in the current setup, XDC seems to be one step ahead of ADA, especially in terms of TPS and transaction costs, which is saved due to problems with the less energy consuming process of minting the cryptocurrency. It is imperative to realise the size of the carbon footprint created by us and minimize wherever possible. With these pointers, making the informed right choice will become much easier for all readers.



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