XinFin Blockchain Tools and API Documents For Increased Productivity on the XDC Chain

XinFin Network is an enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain that helps bring more efficiency to the international trade and finance industry. It combines the usability of public and private blockchains along with interoperable smart contracts to curb the various shortcomings of decades-old trade and finance processes.

The XinFin blockchain utilizes the XinFin Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus(XDPoS) mechanism for smoother digitization of industrial processes and almost-instant trade settlement.

To ensure that network participants make the most of XinFin’s potential to disrupt global trade and finance, it offers a wide range of tools and API documentation to all XinFin members.

Let’s take a look at the tools offered by XinFin Network.

XinFin-Network based Tools

Live Blockchain Network Tools

Live network tools, as the name suggests, are tools available on the XinFin mainnet for actual use and implementation.

Web Wallet

Using the XDC Web Wallet, network participants may pay for various purchases within the XDC ecosystem and also interact with smart contracts.

Mobile Wallet

The Mobile Wallet is an XDC wallet for Android mobile users. It gives network members an easier way to access their XDC wallet. Purpose of this tool is to reach the largest unbank population to get access to digital banking. With its latest update, it also currently supports the ERC20 tokens and stable coins such as USDT, XDCE, USDC, etc.

One-Click Node Installer

One-Click Node Installer is a tool for installing a XinFin Master Node in a single click. The node installer is currently available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

It is one of the easiest ways to deploy a blockchain masternode and start earning new tokens.

XDCScan / Block Explorer

XDCScan is an inclusive XinFin Mainnet Explorer that anyone can use to search block details, public API for XinFin XDC Network or coins and tokens built on the XinFin blockchain. It is subdivided into two parts, one each for the mainnet and the testnet. You can click the links below to go to any of the two explorers

Staking Tools

Staking tools are available on the XinFin Network mainnet to allow nodes and the community members to stake XDC tokens to earn more tokens.

Become a Master Node/Validator

Anyone can opt to become a Master Node on the XinFin Network using the One-Click Node Installer and completing the Master Node setup process. Once done, Master Nodes are eligible to earn XDC tokens for their contribution to the network. staking

XinFin Network also allows community members to stake their XDC tokens to earn interests on them. Using the Staking, users can stake any desirable amount of XDC tokens and earn interest rates up to 5.84 per cent. Source Link

Apothem.Network or Testnet tools:

Testing network/Sandbox called as Apothem Network. here you can test all applications and tools before you go to Live Network.

Institutional Custodian support for XDC


On Chain Custodian (Coming soon)


The Faucet is a tool for community members to get free XDC tokens credited into their XDC wallet. They can use the tokens only on the TestNet to explore and Test Application and Tools on the XinFin Network.

Other Tools

The XinFin Testnet also supports all the tools that are available on the XinFin Mainnet such as the Web Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Block Explorer, Masternode Validator, etc.

Watch the video about How you can use this tools?

Quick Overview On How to use XinFin Web Wallet and Store Your XDC

How to use XinFin web wallet and get test xdc

Quick Overview On XinFin Explorer

API Documentation


XDC3 is the XinFin JavaScript API that connects to the Generic JSON RPC spec. To access the file, follow this link.


The source code for XinFin XDPoS chain is available on Github. You can access it here.

XinFin Docker Integration

Docker is an open-source software that is extremely useful while developing and deploying blockchain applications within containers. For Docker Integration into XinFin, explore our Github API documentation.

Integration Code

All information regarding listing XDC on an exchange and the integration code is available on the XinFin website. To access the information, click here.

Other XinFin Tools

In addition to the above-mentioned tools, here are some additional tools and services that XinFin provides.


XinPay is a Chrome plugin that enables anyone to access decentralized applications (DApp) based on the XinFin Network directly through their web browser. It cuts down the hassle of installing or setting up a full node to access the blockchain-based applications.

To access decentralized applications, users must pay a gas, i.e. a fee. To do this, XinPay creates a digital wallet directly integrated into the browser that handles users’ payments directly.

Using this extension, users can also create and manage their digital identities using private keys or local client wallet.

To know how to install and use the XinPay plugin on Chrome, read more here.

XinFin Remix

XinFin Remix is a XinFin Network tool for creating and deploying smart contracts on the XinFin testnet. It makes the smart contract deployment process on a blockchain network fairly simply.

Users simply need to set the environment for the contract, create a new file, and paste the contract and follow the steps defined in this XinFin guide.

Also, Watch Quick Overview On How to Deploy a Smart Contract on XinFin Remix.

Parting Thoughts

XinFin Network is delivering unmatched services to all enterprise players. The tools we discussed in this article tend to further the effectiveness of XinFin Network. They make various blockchain-related activities and processes simple and understandable for everyone, which is a great step ahead for wider adoption of XinFin Blockchain Network.

Explore more about XDC blockchain network tools and documentation at : QuickToolsGuide

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